Your phrase evokes a poetic and contemplative mood, suggesting a journey through life’s experiences with a sense of wonder and introspection. Let’s explore the imagery and themes within it:

“Wherein life sea years lights fill”:

This line conjures images of the passage of time, akin to sailing through the sea of life. The “sea” symbolizes the vast expanse of experiences, challenges, and opportunities encountered over the years. The “lights” may represent moments of illumination, insight, and joy that illuminate our journey.

“kind midst”:

The word “kind” here could refer to both kindness and kinship, suggesting the importance of compassion and connection amidst life’s trials and triumphs. It highlights the significance of relationships, community, and empathy in navigating the complexities of existence.


This term conveys a sense of inner essence, vitality, and resilience. It speaks to the enduring nature of the human spirit, which perseveres and thrives amidst life’s uncertainties and adversities. It may also allude to spirituality or a deeper sense of purpose and meaning that guides us on our journey.
Altogether, your phrase paints a vivid picture of life’s voyage, characterized by the ebb and flow of time, the warmth of human connection, and the indomitable spirit that propels us forward. It invites reflection on the beauty, challenges, and interconnectedness of the human experience, encouraging us to embrace each moment with gratitude, kindness, and a sense of wonder.

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